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Code to follow us on WechatChinese company Totwoo launches first smart jewelry kit in ▓U.S.Chinese company

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Totwoo launches first smart jewelry kit in U.S.Chinese company Totwoo launches first smart jewelry kit ▓

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in U.S.05-31-2018 15:32 BJTNEW YORK -- China's innovative smart jewelry brand Totwoo launched its first pl

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ug-and-play jewelry tech maker ki▓t in the United States on Wednesday."Totwoo Love" Kit was jointly launched by the Bei▓ji

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ity on Wednesday evening.The kit will be sold online in the United States by Queen of RAW, the premier online destination

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for▓ designers to find innovative and sustainable raw materials.It is the first in a series of "Totwoo Inside" 360Fash Tech Kits, wearable tech DIY kits enabling creatives to focus on design and integration ▓as their first step into fashi

on tech without the need to code or solder."Wi▓th Internet and AI based communication technologies, our jewelry is both beautiful and fu▓nctional," Ma

ts Jieming Wang, co-founder of Totwoo, told Xinhua at Wednesday's launching ceremony while

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